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A Talk For World Peace With The Dalai Lama

I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the World Peace Talks at the Capitol building here in D.C. this last Saturday (we even got front row seats on the lawn!), where the Dalai Lama spoke at length with a gathering of people from all different walks of life.  The Dalai Lama is a truly wise man, and although we may differ in our spiritual perspectives, I found myself in wholehearted agreement with the philosophies he espoused to the massive crowd that had gathered.

If you have the time, I encourage you to watch the video of his talk on finding inner peace as a means of affecting peace in the world. Later on, he responds to submitted questions, and at the end he even took one that was shouted from a young man in the crowd about dealing with corrupt officials in our government. My favorite part is around 53 minutes in when his holiness helps Whoopi adjust her microphone headset- priceless! Without further ado, here’s the video. Share it as you will.

Now this is a man who knows how to make progress!

Painfully. Slow. Progress.