Glenn Beck is a Propagandist: Video by Media Matters

Glenn Beck, the Fox “News” personality that we’ve all either grown to love or hate, is finally leaving the network (although there are many rumors that he will be getting his own TV channel, the programming of which many assume will consist mainly of cartoons voiced by Beck himself). His last show aired yesterday, due mainly to his failing ratings and advertiser boycotts. His has been a special kind of television programming, one that represents one of the most extensive attempts at propagandization to ever be affected upon the American people.

I, personally, am not persuaded by his repetitious buzzwords and “this isn’t a conspiracy theory” conspiracy theories, but I know that there are many Americans out there who are. Isn’t it ironic that we teach our children about the propaganda techniques employed throughout history and yet a significant portion of our own population blindly follows what even ex-Nazis recognize as propaganda? Well I think we’re smarter than that, we’re better than that here in the U.S.

I think there is always going to be a certain portion of the population, an increasing minority, that are convinced by such meaningless games of association. Nonetheless, the fact remains that we are not part of some sick reiteration of history, no matter how much Glenn might want us to believe so. This is our generation and we’re going to do it our way. With the increasing prevalence of the Internet in society today, we have never had more of a capacity to debunk such shallow, biased claims as his. Ironically, I think one of the reasons that Glenn’s ratings have gone downhill over the last year is that many of his viewers are actually taking his advice- they’re “doing their own homework.”

Media Matters, (just another Soros front, to be sure) recently released a compilation of clips from Glenn’s show to commemorate it’s ending. I think the video illustrates the shameless use of buzzwords, random use of associations to Fascists, Socialists, Nazis (and many other ideologies that are in fact at odds with each other, but all have negative associations in the minds of the American people), his emotional argumentation, and his appeals to self-authority. Near the end, the video devolves into Beck making a bunch of silly faces, and then a clipped-together scene of him apologizing for his own show. I find that to be only fitting given that Beck has always been a fan of taking things out of context. The video follows. Try not to laugh.

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