Anti-Illegal Immigration is Killing America

We all know someone who is anti- illegal immigration. Their attitudes range from those who want illegal immigrants out because they’re stealing American jobs, to those who want illegal immigrants out simply because they’re illegal. On their face, these arguments seem reasonable. In practice, these arguments are not at all reasonable.

Take, for instance, Georgia’s new immigration law that goes into effect on July 1st. This law will require that all employers verify that their employees have legal statuses in order to continue to employ them. If an illegal is discovered, the law gives police the authority to turn illegals over to federal authorities, who will undoubtedly deport them. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Illegal immigrants, upon learning of the new legislation, have begun to flee Georgia in the thousands. Farmers in Georgia, who have come to rely on illegals as the bulk of their workforce, have been left holding the shit end of the stick. They are left with hardly anyone willing to take the place of the fleeing workers, and even those who are willing to perform the menial, backbreaking labor that illegals were responsible for are unwilling to do so at the pitiful wages that the farmers are offering. That’s not to mention that if you employ American citizens, they’re subject to American employment law, like minimum wage. Farmers have gotten used to avoiding these laws by hiring illegals (that includes food giants like Monsanto).

Now we have already pushed a huge percentage of our food production off of American soil and South of the border. It turns out people in South America will work for a lot less, and private corporations (who, believe me, have much more interest in making money than they do in the good of the American people) have already started taking advantage of that.  This means that even if we assume that every state in the U.S. were to some how miraculously follow suit and pass anti-immigration laws like Georgia’s, we would only be pushing the work further away from home, and putting even more money into corporate coffers instead of America’s stifled economy.

Maybe instead of treating the symptom we should treat the cause. If the American legislature were to make a law that required that all persons, regardless of proof of citizen ship, be subject to American wage and working condition regulations, and have access to legal recourse in the even that those rights are violated, then we could see some change. If farmers had to pay these workers a fair wage, and basically treat them like they would treat an American worker or even a legal immigrant, farmers would have no incentive to continue to hire illegals. Their incentive would be to hire the best workers, and if the American workforce is so capable and motivated that it wants those jobs, they can go and get them.

Now some of you may be thinking that by guaranteeing a better wage to illegals, we would be encouraging more and more illegals to come across the border from Mexico. That is in fact incorrect. The reason that illegals are currently flooding across the border is that we have an abundance of low-level jobs available, and although the pay is a pittance it is a fortune compared to what they could earn at home. They come knowing that these jobs are going to be available, because Americans are unwilling to work for such low wages. If the wages are made equal, like I suggest they should be, then that labor vacuum will be sealed and the practically guaranteed availability of work for illegals will disappear. Immigration problem solved.

It is these kind of well-thought out strategies that treat the real cause of our problems. Those Americans who think that we can solve the problem by treating the symptom are just wrong. It seems counter-intuitive, but it is in fact logically sound. This is why our forefathers put so much value on equality and the maintenance of a free market. Right now, well, the free market is a FARCE, and I think deep down we all know it.

Painfully. Slow. Progress.


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I am a secular humanist, an independent progressive, and a law student currently earning both my J.D. and LL.M. in democratic governance and the rule of law. More importantly, I consider myself to be a student of anything and everything. I started this blog in hopes of generating an in-depth and practical discussion of American politics, culture, religion, and law. Hopefully it will serve to get people really thinking, including me. View all posts by Painfully. Slow. Progress.

3 responses to “Anti-Illegal Immigration is Killing America

  • rogueoperator

    The purpose of national borders is not arbitrary. They are used to keep out foreigners not because citizens are xenophobic or jingoistic or nationalist in a particularistic sense, but because foreigners come from different cultures and thus their beliefs edify different political systems.

    America is not just a stretch of land with imaginary boundaries, but a political ideal expressive of liberty and constitutionally limited government. It is no accident of history that most countries around the world are tyrannies, of a soft or even a direct nature; their peoples are supportive of tyranny to the extent that they do not resist the government or do not flee. Those that did flee to America, the last bastion of true freedom on earth, immigrated because of the ideal. They came because it has been the land of opportunity, and for what the nation represented: individual, economic, and political freedom.

    The left has disfigured America into a grotesque social welfare state, and thus the country is attracting parasites who have no political loyalty to America as it was founded – and they are not even asked to feign as much. The implications for the country are not only economic collapse, but cultural dissolution. That is why American citizens should not only oppose the open left who support illegal immigration, but those Republicans who are indifferent to the issue.

    Illegal immigration, in combination with the social welfare state, will destroy the United States as surely as any bloody revolution. People who do not understand this reality are too intellectually dense to understand the full import of the problem, too cowardly to stand up to a potential political constituency, or too disloyal to the American ideal to defend it from potential destroyers.

    • Painfully. Slow. Progress.

      Hello, and thank you for commenting! I will address your comment paragraph by paragraph:

      P1: I agree with you about the purpose of borders, though I would specify that although borders may not have been created for the purposes of xenophobia, nationalism, etc., they are in fact a device that xenophobes and such can and do exploit in furtherance of their goals. The “us” and “them” mentality is a powerful political tool, and that’s how I see our borders being used now- to place blame and garner support for the election of conservative representatives, whose primary goals are to maintain control of Congress so as to swing the vote in favor of corporate interests.

      P2: So if America is a bastion of freedom, why are we legislating illegal-immigrant witch hunts? It can take upwards of 10 years for an immigrant to gain citizenship through legal means, and even then there are no guarantees. We purport to accept your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but we seem to have effectively drawn a line at your South Americans. I don’t remember our forefathers having to wait ten years to immigrate into to the country.

      P3: I won’t even get into the “Nanny state” argument, we’re not going to agree on that bad boy. What I will say is that your notion of “cultural dissolution” is confusing. Here in the U.S. we have a melting pot culture, and are supposedly proud of it. Why is it that Hispanic culture is somehow not allowed to be included in that pot? If you really think that their culture is going to somehow magically replace all of the myriad cultural aspects that already exist here, perhaps you’ve been drinking too much of the conservative kool-aid. They’re serving it up strong these days.

      P4: What a great list of conclusory statements! I’m sorry to hear that there are Americans with such negative outlooks on the future of America. I don’t remember hearing our great leaders of the past taking such an apathetic perspective, whether conservative or liberal. Obviously you’re entitled to your opinions as much as any other red-blooded American, but I would suggest to you that your classification of those with different perspectives than you as intellectually dense is in error. I happen to know many extremely intelligent conservatives, and though I would disagree with them to no end on many issues, I still respect their perspectives and their intellectual capacity. That is how one encourages intellectual discourse, and establishes a credible perspective on whatever issue is at hand. I believe that your method, hypocritically, discourages it.

      Thanks again for the comment, and please keep disagreeing!

  • Grandma

    Very good response! America is a great nation that has managed to overcome many roadblocks. I was part of the 1960’s struggle with descrimation and womens rights. Many thought we wouldn’t survive that, but guess what? We are till here. Those struggles split families and friends, but we survived and grew as a nation. Keep up the optimism and open mindness.

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